Take Action

Action of the Month: Tell Your Climate Story

The holidays are on the horizon, and they provide an opportunity to talk with family and friends about climate action. Sharing our personal stories can help us understand how climate change is relevant to our lives and shift the collective narrative to inspire climate action.  

How have you experienced climate change? How have you been thinking about climate change recently? 

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Artist Feature of the Month: LAZERBEAK

Lazerbeak joined Climate Generation at our Band Together concert in November, 2019. As a Minnesota-based producer and musician, he shared his personal climate story in addition to performing. Lazerbeak will be the featured guest on our podcast in January, 2020.

What I do know is that I can’t be silent anymore, even though that it’s the easier thing to do… As a musician and a producer, I have a platform to share my voice, and to open up a dialogue that matters, and most importantly to say that what you do matters and that you are not alone.

Share Your Actions

Share how you took action on climate change! Did you start composting in your home, had a conversation with a neighbor about climate change, wrote a letter to your legislators advocating for clean air and energy? We are featuring stories from people across the country who are supporting climate solutions.